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About CCF

We participate in several farmers markets during the growing season. Here's where you can find us in 2017:

Edgebrook Center Farmers Market in Rockford on Wednesdays from 9 to 1 pm

Downtown Freeport Farmers Market every other Friday

Stephenson County Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from 8 to 12:30

We are not *yet* certified organic, however, we only use pest control that is okay for certified organic systems. We use integrated pest management to prevent and control pest populations. This means, we try and not make it easy for the bad bugs. Once they are here we try to use the good bugs to get rid of them. If that fails we use biological insecticides (organic approved) to remove the pests.

Our beef is raised on 100% grass from our own land. No spray. No antibiotics or hormones. Just beef.

100% Grass Fed Beef

We do not sell chestnuts.