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You can find us at the Stephenson County Farmers Market in downtown Freeport on Saturday mornings from 8 to 12

We are not participating in Edgebrook Farmers Market this year or for the foreseeable future.

When the market garden season is over in November, we will be doing Farmstore Fridays again where you can purchase meat, sourdough bread, dairy ferments, and veggie ferments. This runs from November to May, depending on availability. 

Organic - on the way to No-Till

YES!!! We received certification in November 2019. Our hoophouse is "transitional" because we could not prove some cover crop seed was not treated in 2017, so our tomatoes and cucumbers in 2020 will be "transitional," but of course grown using organic compliant methods. All field grown produce will be certified in 2020. We are proud of the way we grow. In fact, we are converting a large portion of the garden into No-Till permanent beds. This helps conserve soil biota which helps to make our vegetables more nutrient dense. No-till is the next Organic. I'm betting my business on it. 

Grass Based Meats

Our beef is raised on 100% grass from our own land. No spray. No antibiotics or hormones or vaccines. Just beef the way nature intended. 

Our pork is pasture-raised, rotated as needed to fresh pasture, and fed organic corn, organic animal grade milk from the dairy down the road, and scraps from the garden. (a lot of tea grounds from the kombucha!)

Stewing Chickens are also fed organic feed, and are free range, with access to the outdoors (and sometimes they get into the hoophouse and gardens - those rascals!)

We do not sell chestnuts.

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