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About CCF

Where to find us

During the growing season you can find us at the Stephenson County Farmers Market in downtown Freeport on Saturday mornings from 8 to 12 from the second Saturday in May through the end of October.

We will be doing Farmstore (Porch) Fridays again this fall & winter! Noon to 7 pm starting the first Friday in November. We will have beef, eggs, sourdough bread, kombucha, canned goods, dried herbs and mushrooms, and whatever produce keeps coming from the garden. 

No till, regenerative practices

We obtained organic certification for two years, but decided not to renew as we are on such a small scale for the time being. We are committed, however, to building and improving soil health through regenerative practices. Grass-based beef can be carbon neutral and even carbon negative, and we are drastically reducing tillage every season and seeing improvements in soil biota. 

Grass Based Meats

Our beef is raised on 100% grass from our own land. No spray. No antibiotics or hormones or vaccines. Just beef the way God intended. 

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