About CCF

Where to find us

During the growing season you can find us at the Stephenson County Farmers Market in downtown Freeport on Saturday mornings from 8 to 12 from the second Saturday in May through the end of October.

We will not be doing Farmstore Fridays this 2020-2021 winter. 

We will be doing a very small CSA this 2021 season again. Wednesday Pickup of a $25 share. 

Organic - on the way to No-Till

YES!!! We received certification in November 2019. We are proud of the way we grow. In fact, we are converting a large portion of the garden into No-Till permanent beds. This helps conserve soil biota which helps to make our vegetables more nutrient dense. No-till is the next Organic. I'm betting my business on it. 

Grass Based Meats

Our beef is raised on 100% grass from our own land. No spray. No antibiotics or hormones or vaccines. Just beef the way nature intended.