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Pastured Meats

100% Grass Fed Beef - $6/# Ground, $7/# Roasts (chuck, arm, round), Steaks $9/# (ribeye, New York Strip, and Sirloin. Contact us now to reserve your share

Pasture Raised Pork - $6.50/#, ground and cuts available

Stewing Chickens (Roosters) - Fed organic feed and free range with access to pasture. $15 a bird. 

Call (815) 908-1627 to order - pickup is from the farm. 

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup - $9/pint, $17/quart, $30/half-gallon, $60/gallon


Free-Range, Pastured Eggs - Available from the farm store (porch). Our chickens are free range in a weather-protected building in the wintertime, to keep our hens safe. They are fed organic layer mix in winter months. In the spring, summer, and fall, our laying hens are in the mobile "supercoop" where they are let outside all day every day and they are guaranteed to have fresh green grass and nutritious bugs to eat. They are fed organic cracked corn in outdoor months. 

Silver Creek Cultures

Kombucha - $8/litre - available for on farm pickup and at the Stephenson County Farmers Market now. Cherry Berry, Apple Pie, Original, and an herbal blend that changes weekly from helpful, healthful herbs hand picked at CCF.
Sourdough Bread - $6 for approx. 700 gram loaf - Traditionally, naturally leavened by local yeasts. Freshly milled organic red&white wheat, spelt, einkorn, and sometimes rye. Minimum 24 hour ferment for easy digestion and maximum nutrient availability.  Herbed or specially flavored "fancy loaf" is $7 for approx 700 grams. Available in the farm store October-May at Farmstore Fridays 10 to 6 pm. It helps to order ahead. 
Veg Ferments - kraut and kimchi $5/pint
Raw Milk Kefir - $3/pint, $5/quart. Made from raw milk. Available at Farmstore Fridays.


Garden veg will be back in springtime!